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The Virologist
Culture Dish 109

Well, I have decided to create a new journal.

And because I did it late last night, I just used my mom's suggestion.

If you're looking for me the new on is:



Alright, that's it. 

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Oh what to do...

I'm thinking about starting over with a new LJ, this on'e so OLD.

The only problem is there are somethings that I want to keep from this, but, I think it would be better if I copy pasted them and then just started over, everything I have now is new and I've kind of lost on this side, but hey.

It would also help me not feel guilty for not wanting to post all my art on it.

So yeah, that's it.

help me think of usernames.

I think I'll do it, now...
My mom said ebolaroo, and that could be it.

Haha, ebola and a kangaroo
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These is my pictures fom the scanner parties last night!

I have to go, but hopefully soon, (maybe vacation next week) I can finish uploading all of them, if you just can't wait to see them ALL of them are up on my facebook, the link is in my userinfo.
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Hi all,

I really haven't been doing much updating, but I've been busy;
1) Christmas Shopping
2) Homework
3) A bird(but that's my fault)
4) Swimming
5) The TWO scanner parties in one day
6) Figuring out deviant art, photoshop and, corel painter (that won't save anything for some reason)
7) Rikkai Second Service and Backstage
8) The Golden Compass books
9) Facebook, AIM, fanfics on the flist
10) laziness

All in all some pretty fabulous reasons huh?
Well I must say, my LJ is my home and I by far the online "express yourself" thing that I love the most, I don't have very many friends though and will have to fix that soon. I really do need to get out more on this site.

This is the basic picture of my life right now:

Prince of Tennis is my life right now, swimming has TAKEN over my life right now, I just got a bird(in august but hey, whatever), my cat has serious jealousy issues, and yeah, I'm doing pretty good, I like where I am right now.


There you have it


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Hi all, I'm not dead and I finally have a functioning computer!

So everyone's ok, Sora is going through his first molt, so that's exciting. I love my bird.

Bitzy's having a few problems, but I think she's been eating her food too fast and that's the reson she can't keep anything down. Miles got his hair cut, it's amusing. Um, I don't hink anything else is going on right now aside from a small rant, but I'll hide that.

Okay I can function now.

Current Mood: giddy Frenzied

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 I hate Mr. Spezzano.
My mom is so mad about that chem grade. I have all A's on the tests, a full score on my notebook, I participate as much as he'll allow in class so how do I wind up with a fucking B+?

My latin teacher never gives us our quizzes back so I have no idea how to study and get better from previous mistakes.

Math is self explanatory.

And my mom is attacking me over my english grade. It's Ms. McCourt, what can I do?

Of course, she TOTALLY overlooks the A+ in Chinese, an amazing improvement over last year's C's.

Oh and apparently 3.5/5 parts of the history project (soon to be 4) is sitting around doing nothing.

I hate my life


not having a very nice day, if we were graded on effort I would get approbation.

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In Memoriam

Of Stafanie Lam
May she rest in Peace

This is for Steph

It just sort of happened, nothing really mattered anymore. I did not want to go on living the way I had lived for years, I wanted to survive, but I wanted to make myself suffer. Her voice would not stop ringing in my ears, and I couldn’t help feeling mad at the world for not recognizing how sad her passing was. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and yet, I could not absorb the shock of it. The last thing she said was, “Bye, see ya on Saturday, but Saturday never came, she had been run over, in a bloody accident, she was not even five tall, and she was run over by an SUV. She had been my best friend for six years. I learned free-style from her, my stroke, sharing the right-side-breathing, and the breath every two strokes. I had learned my sport from her, the only thing I do.


Now that I think about it, sometime ago, my dentist told me not to worry about missing swim practice, don’t get so worked up about it, “It’s not like it’s that important, there are more important things in life than swimming.” Now that I think about it, the more I realize that she was dead wrong. Swimming is a part of me, without it, I would be very lost. I have swum to beat them all, kicking ass at New Englands with a busted knee, swimming summer districts with wit ha bruised eyelid,(goggles kill, ya know.) and getting up at insane hours in the morning to compete. Stef and I did all of this together, now, in the last year that she’s gonna be on the team, she gets herself hit by a car.


People at school say she committed suicide, let me say this, I knew her before any of you liars did, I knew her like the back of my hand. People say death is a part of life. The part that isn’t said is sometimes it can destroy your life. In some ways, this has happened, my definition of a friend is identified by the question, ‘If they died, would I be devastated?’

Justine once asked me who my favorite FMA character was, and I said I didn’t know. She said I don’t really understand the way Ed and Al work you know? No I know exactly how they work, but I think that also in a way it’s helped me, now I have a driving reason to do things, for Steph, I live for two, in a way, we were like twins… she taught me everything I know, and when I couldn’t talk, she talked for me. That’s why I have to go to counseling for theatre. I never learned to talk in front of people… I wish I could but I can’t, I work behind the scenes, as always , for now and forever, locked out of teenage society, helping the smaller people, the animals, I want to become a vet more than ever now, to show Steph just how much she taught me. Thank You Please remember Stephanie Lam, and Mariah, the odd ones out.  

Now it's 2007 and I've had a great year, what with biology and everything, I even helped take BLS to sectionals and on to states in swimming, winding up with the horrendus nickname, "Freshman Phenom." A reporter even wanted to interview me for getting some awards at the city science fair. 

Funny how that works, on the exact same day she died, a photographer is taking pictures of me and my, as Dr. Maas called it, "Prize winning science project." I still miss her though, and sometimes, it gets to be a little too much and I don't wind up sleeping much that night.

Along with swimming there's another thing she gave me, really, Pokemon was the first anime I got into, but she would draw it during the long hours of Gator swim meets. I didn't keep any of her pictures, but I think that Stephanie also gave me a little bit of my love for anime.

The green is what I wrote two years ago, right after she died. The red has been added April 9, 2007.


Current Mood: determined determined

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Well I'm back... whoo who.

Well it was awsome really it was, I can't even begin with how graet those two weeks were... the con, pacific at 9:30, and realizing just how much the infamous Peegee-sama can do to you. I came home and she hid and it took 3 hours for me to find her, but once I did I wasn't allowed out of her sight, I'm still under her supervision at this moment.

Tomorrow marks one of the best days of my life, The lab, wish me luck.

Here's a conversation for you just to see how wierd I am.

Mom: Have you ever seen that show about the Little Peaople?

Pam: OH yeah I love that show!

(A bit later)

Mary: Hey Mariah, how does that happen if both parents are normal?

Me: Well it's a sporadic autosomal recessive trait, so basically, you have two copies of  one protien, and one is good and the other is bad, you have a child with a person who has the same condition (you don't know they do, no way to tell) and your child gets both bad copies, so the mutation is comlete and bam achondroplasmia, hereditary sporadic autosomal recessive trait.

Mary: OK

Me: I can tell exactly what the mutation is, but it's very technical...
       It's a protien deficiency in the fibroblast 5 growth factor.

Well bye I'm really not having a great day...


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Current Mood: busy busy

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UGGG... I want sumer, now! Well whatever the set we were told to make looks awsome cuz everyone who worked on it was awsome!!  so we're all happy. I had my latin declamation and that went well! 

Hello my name is Mariah and today I will be declaming Annaeus Seneca's Quaestiones Naturales, Liber Primus, Parte Tres.
Quaestiones Naturales, Liber Primus, Parte Tres
is about how people in power should be able to admit thier mistakes without losing the trust of the people.

Quaestiones Naturales, Liber Primus, Parte Tres
equidem tunc naetrea rerum... blah blah blah.

so yeah, my mom's coming home form Washington tomorrow, dadmn, naw we really miss her... ... ... yeah... 

Anyway, ther's really not much else to say except could someone please give me somthing to draw that's not a person... please, I'm really uninspired...

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